Meet the Team

Umiigo is created by travelers, for travelers. Umiigo has a team of likeminded individuals who wanted a way to explore a new city easier, with a low threshold.

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Morten Askeland

Co-Founder & CEO

Morten is an active & outgoing guy with a passion for sales, economics, and administration. A dutiful person who regularly remains in the office after hours. With a background from sales management and project management, we can always rely on Morten to take our team and company to new heights. He has a strong commitment to developing products and doesn’t shy away from a new project.

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Torstein Severin Grønnestad


Torstein is the latest addition to the Umiigo team. Holding a bachelor’s degree in economics combined with experience from the sales industry, he contributes to the stability and customer-conscious solutions within Umiigo. In a team full of creativity, it’s beneficial to have a person focused on the numbers. If you meet Torstein, you will without a doubt be well received due to his outgoing and friendly personality.

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Henrik Berge Syvaldsen

Co-Founder & BDM

Henrik is a customer-centric guy continually striving to find the best solutions for our customers and end users. With a long experience in sales within both the B2B and B2C sector, he understands that customer experience and results are always our primary focus.

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Per Christian Bjerke

Co-Founder & CMO

Per Christian is a considerate and respectful person with ethical values and attitudes. An incredibly talented salesperson with substantial merits within sales and customer service. With his personality traits and background, he is a valuable part of our team. Motivation and enthusiasm are words that well describe Per Christian, as he pushes himself daily to become a better person, in addition to driving others to do the same.

Umiigo's Visions & Values

Exploration made easy

Umiigo is created for spontaneous adventurers. We don't think you need five separate apps covering everything from exploration to transportation. Let Umiigo take you on a journey, we'll guarantee this is the only travel app you'll need.


Umiigo is free for everyone to use and gain value from. Our fundamental focus is on building strong user relationships. Umiigo aims to be the only travel companion you need.

Sustainable travel

Umiigo is the only travel app which combines exploration and transportation within one application. We believe we have a duty to the cities we operate in; therefore, Umiigo focuses on greener mobility solutions to contribute to a sustainable travel environment.

Stay Local

"There's no place like home"
Umiigo focuses on quality over quantity. Umiigo partners are carefully chosen for each city to give you the best experience. We want you to explore the local treasures a town has to offer, not the big chains or tourist traps you'll find anywhere.